What you should do to get a quotation is to upload your documents which you want to be translated to the system using the section on the side or to send them to info@ileritercume.com.

Once your request has been delivered to our customer support line, we will contact with you as soon as possible and share with you the price options we suggest for corporate or individual solutions. Upon your written confirmation, the documents will start to be translated. We consider all of your requirements for written translation, interpretation and sworn translation together in the comprehensive consultancy package we have developed for our corporate customers and offer the solutions which may be most economical for your company. The corporate consultancy package prepared for your multiple translation requirements will be subject to the service contract we will mutually sign.

How to Calculate the Translation Prices?

We take the Act of Fees No. 492 as a basis in fixing the translation prices. According to this Act, 20 (twenty) lines typed in 12 font size on a sheet of A4 paper is considered one page. And this corresponds to 1000 characters without space or 150-200 words when typed on computer media. You may learn the number of characters in the document you want to be translated by clicking on the term “Words” located on the lower left corner in the Microsoft Word software or by pasting the text to be translated to the following Character Calculator using the copy-paste method. If you could possibly let us know the number of characters without space as located on the lower right corner and between what languages the documents will be translated, we may provide you with clear information on the price.