Professional Translation

Professional translation is a type of translation made in legal, academic, technical, engineering, financial and medical types of texts by professional translators who are specialised in their own respective fields. Professional translation differs from general translation in that the translator reflects his/her experience in the field and follows a process which requires research. Delivery takes place once our translators who are specialised in their own respective fields have checked and made any necessary corrections so that translated text may have a high quality.

Sworn / Notarized Translation

You may require any documents to be translated by a sworn translator or legalised by a notary public, depending on the individual or authority to whom it will be submitted.

Your legal documents, legal contracts, academic, technical, engineering, financial or medical texts are translated by a specialised sworn translator and quality-controlled and then delivered to you personally or via cargo company or on on-line basis depending on your requirement.

Translation Quality Control (Proofreading)

Proofreading is to review and correct and edit a written text in terms of language, narrative, contents, etc. In the process of translation quality control (proofreading), the source and target texts are compared to check and correct any text that has already been translated. Accordingly, any missing or erroneous parts in the translation are re-edited on the basis of the source text. In this operation, such errors as possible semantic shifts, inverted sentences, erroneous use of words, etc. which spoil the integrity and meaning of the text are carefully corrected. The team that carries out the proofreading operation is consisted of translators who are specialised in this field.